Prayer-for-the-Sick: Enjoying Prayer? (2)

The culture of enjoying prayer has been changing, and a key figure in the interactive prayer room phenomenon is Nicki Carleton. Here is a snippet from her Blissful Ministries site.
Why Pray? Because we need miracles more than we need strategies Because the world is a vacuum waiting to be filled Because the MTV generation is lost in space Because we’ve seen the end of the movie Because this is not the dress rehearsal Because the poor are getting poorer Because we’re aliens in the world Because we’re too sensible Because boredom is sin Because he’s worth it Try it! When we run out of things to say that is when we really start to pray.
Not only is prayer beginning to be offered creatively, it is beginning to pop up like convenience stores. I recently passed a church that now occupies a former bank branch. Instead of drive through tellers, it offers drive through prayer from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM on Friday nights.

The award-winning 24-7 Shorts is worth viewing, as well as how prayer is being employed in other nations.
Prayer as a Movement: An introduction to 24-7 Prayer
Prayer as Community – Germany Prayer as Creativity – USA Prayer as Mission – Spain Prayer as Justice – Mexico
Young people seem to be spearheading this 24/7 prayer movement. One book that can inform you and get you started in it is: The 24-7 Prayer Manual, by Pete Greig and David Blackwell Order a paperback copy of the book here.