Prayer-for-the-Sick: Comfort and Faith


Hannah Whitall Smith addresses the topic of comfort in any of life’s events in her classic writing The God of All Comfort. In chapter three, she offers these simple steps of instruction:

If we want to be comforted,

  • We must make up our minds to believe every single solitary word of comfort God has ever spoken; and
  • We must refuse utterly to listen to any words of discomfort spoken by our own hearts, or by our circumstances.
  • We must set our faces like a flint to believe, under each and every sorrow and trial, in the divine Comforter, and to accept and rejoice in His all-embracing comfort.

I say, “set our faces like a flint,” because, when everything around us seems out of sorts, it is not always easy to believe God’s words of comfort.

  • We must put our wills into this matter of being comforted, just as we have to put our wills into all other matters in our spiritual life.
  • We must choose to be comforted.

~ ~ ~

The Scriptures tell us that faith comes by hearing and the Word of God is presented very clearly in the teaching of Brother Keith Moore of Faith Life Church in Branson. His ministry is very generous with the archives of his messages and with free access online and for download.

I would also recommend God’s Will To Heal: 101 Things God Said About Healing, a PDF handout that lists what God said… from the Bible, such as

  • I am the Lord that healeth thee (Exodus 15:26)
  • You shall be buried in a good old age (Genesis 15:15)
  • Whosoever will let him come and take of the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17)
  • Beloved, I wish above all things that you may…be in health (3 John 2)

These promises correspond to the 20-part series based on Luke 5:12-13   (Click the link)

One you will find encouraging is Receiving The Unseen

and you might find particular comfort in many of Brother Keith’s messages which can be searched on YouTube. Here is another of them from a conference – “Your Faith Will Make You Whole”:

Keith Moore’s ministry online is at Recent full Service Rebroadcasts can be accessed on Youtube.