Prayer for Care Givers

A relative of mine experienced serious illness this summer. As I traveled to the emergency room, a request for prayer was one of the first calls I made to fellow intercessors. This dear one has been in the hospital and several care facilities now, which has provided me with an opportunity to observe the culture of the caregivers. Each staff seems to have particular characteristics regarding compassion, yet there are Christians salted throughout. It has made me realize that prayer for care givers is as necessary as prayer for the sick.

A Nurse’s Prayer

Because the day that stretches out for me Is full of busy hours, I come to Thee To ask Thee, Lord, that Thou wilt see me through The many things that I may have to do.

~ ~ ~

Help me to make my beds the smoothest way. Help me to make more tempting every tray. Help me to sense when pain must have relief. Help me to deal with those bourne down by grief. Help me to take to every patient’s room The Light of Life to brighten up the gloom.

~ ~ ~

Help me to bring to every soul in fear The sure and steadfast thought that Thou art near, And if today, or if tonight, maybe, Some patients in my care set out to sea To face the great adventure we call death, Sustain them, Father, in their parting breath.

~ ~ ~

Help me to live throughout this live-long day As one who loves Thee well, dear Lord, I pray; And when the task is done, and evening stars Shine through the dark above the sunset bars, When weary quite, I turn to seek my rest, Lord, may I truly know I’ve done my best.