Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer focus at this site is based on the use of Scriptures from the Bible. We refer to A.B. Simpson’s classic work, The Gospel of Healing, not only to present examples from Jesus’ healings, but also those of his disciples in the New Testament and some from the Old Testament as well. (See About)

You will find Rev. Simpson’s own personal testimony to be compelling in itself. Here is a portion:

At first it seemed as if it would almost take my last breath. I felt all the old weakness and physical dread. I found I had in myself no more strength than ever. But over against my weakness and suffering I became conscious that there was another Presence.

There Was a Divine strength reached out to me if I would have it, take it, claim it, hold it, and persevere in it. On one side there seemed to press upon me a weight of Death, on the other an Infinite Life. I became overwhelmed with the one, or uplifted with the other, just as I shrank or pressed forward, just as I feared or trusted. I seemed to walk between them and the one that I touched possessed me.

The wolf and the Shepherd walked on either side, but the Blessed Shepherd did not let turn away. I pressed closer, closer, closer, to His bosom, and every step seemed stronger until, when I reached that mountain top, I seemed to be at the gate of heaven, and the world of weakness and fear was lying at my feet. Thank God, from that time I have had a new heart in this breast, literally as well as spiritually, and Christ has been its life….

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