The foundational reference for this site is the Reverend A.B. Simpson’s classic work, The Gospel of Healing. It is a testimony of triumph over illness.

Briefly, Rev. Simpson had suffered for more than 20 years from “many physical infirmities and disabilities.” And his sicknesses had threatened him with death at an early age.

Rev. Simpson’s own personal testimony of Divine Healing will be available for download on February 14th.

In many of the future posts, we will explore the testimonies of sickness and healing in Bible Scriptures:

Old Testament

  • Job
  • The Wounded Israelites and the Brazen Serpent
  • The Great Commander Naaman
  • King Hezekiah

New Testament – Jesus

  • Jesus’ Experience of Physical Life in God
  • The Nobleman’s Son
  • The Disciple Peter’s Mother-in-Law
  • The Multitude 1 | The Multitude 2
  • The Leper
  • The Paralytic
  • The Lame Man at Bethesda
  • The Man with the Withered Hand
  • The Woman with the Spirit of Infirmity
  • The Centurion’s Servant
  • The Gadarene Demoniac
  • The Woman Who Touched His Garment
  • Two Blind Men
  • The Alien Woman
  • The Demon-Possessed Child
  • The Blind Man at Bethsaida
  • The Blind Man at Jerusalem
  • Blind Bartimaeus
  • The Withering of the Fig Tree

New Testament – The Apostles

  • The Lame Man at the Beautiful Gate
  • Aeneas at Lydda
  • The Lame Man at Lystra
  • Paul’s Experience


Please note that all information on this site is offered for encouragement, and there is no assumption of liability for any actions taken regarding your health and well-being, neither any guarantee of results on the part of the publisher and editor. Medical care, treatment, and prayer are matters of your own choice, and we urge you to seek professional advice.

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